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Thursday, April 19th 2018. | Envelope Address Format

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Tips on Choosing a Company When Applying for a Job

At this time the work competition is very tight. As a fresh graduate you have to compete with thousands of other job seekers. Basically the company prefers someone with work experience. Because they assume it will be easier to give the task while working. Then the company does not need to provide extra training for new experienced employees. So for fresh graduate may be more difficult. Furthermore for those of you who are fresh graduates should choose a company that is looking for new employees. Then choose a lower position first. If your job is good, maybe you will get promotion of position. Also as a job seeker you may have applied to a fictitious company. This incident will probably happen to you often.

Fictitious companies usually spread job applications through social media. Because they get the freedom to post fake writing and information. Usually after you submit a job application, you will get a call immediately. They usually withdraw some money to you. They even ask you to come to the fictitious company. So you have to be careful. You should be selective in filtering out information about job vacancies. Of course you do not want your job application to be in vain. So before applying for a job, you have to do some things below.

  1. First, prioritize job vacancy information from someone you know. If you get job information from your colleagues, you need to consider it. It is better if the informant works on the company. So you will be more confident to apply for a job. Do not forget to pay attention to the position offered by the company. You must adjust the position according to your ability.
  2. Second, do some simple research before applying for a job. Here you can do research using internet. You can read reviews about their company. If you feel awkward with your research results, you should not apply for the job. In addition you can do research through social media. Here you can pay attention to the number of their followers. If their followers are numerous, and verified, then you can trust them.
  3. Third, read the company website. The company’s web can also help your judgment. You can view the job or career menu to make sure there is a job opening. Then you can see the comment field to the visitor. Take a careful assessment. Because we do not want you to get a loss when applying for a job. If the career menu does require a certain position, you can try to apply.
  4. Fourth, make a decision based on the information you get. From all such information, you can make an assessment to the company. If you find suspicious facts, you should not continue your job application. The safest option is information from your colleagues. Because if something happens you can hold them accountable.

Accordingly some tips to avoid the fictitious company. You have to be selective and wise in choosing a company. Do not be tempted by advertising companies that offer high salaries. It turns out the company actually plunges you to pay some money. If you want to get other interesting tips, Keliamoniz is the great website to visit. We give you a lot of important and interesting information for you.

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